Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda Massage Training - Level 1

This training has been put together by Subuddha and Sangeeta .It is based on 20 years of giving sessions and trainings. Subuddha and Sangeeta have had extensive experience in ancient traditional healing systems, like Ayurvedic and Thai massage, and contemporary systems, such as joint release, rebalancing and Alexander work.

    In this 40 hour training you will learn:

  • How to apply oil and calamus powder to alternate depth of stokes
  • How to use your fingers ,fists, palms, and feet to produce light, medium, deep and cross-grain (twanging) strokes to release and lengthen contracted muscles
  • How to use yogic stretches to diagnose problem areas, unlock stiff joints and improve flexibility
  • How to dialogue with your partner, so that you can safely stretch and manipulate muscles and establish trust, let go and relaxation.

This provocative deeply relaxing combination increases the body's vital energy (prana) flow from feet to head. Easy to diagnose with, it helps to pinpoint root problem areas of the body. This massage brings relief to the following symptoms: back pain, neck pain, and arm and knee pain. Once balance has been restored to the body, Seed Ayurvedic Massage is an excellent weekly maintenance for people interested in preventative health care. At the conclusion of this training you will be able to give a full body Ayurvedic massage of about 90 minutes duration. Graduates of the Level 1 course will receive a participation certificate and can then continue to level 2 .

Ayurveda Massage Training - Level 2

Level 2 training course is designed for bodyworkers who have completed Seed Ayurvedic Massage training 1 and are looking for additional skills and techniques to treat specific problems. In this training you will learn how to treat clients with various pains and problems in specific areas such as lower back, mid and upper back, neck, arms and knees. In addition to using hands and feet you will also learn how to use knees and elbows, freeing the hands and feet for manipulations and strokes while simultaneously stretching the body.

Wassage Water Therapy Workshop

In this 8 day workshop you will experience the healing power of water as you hold and move your partner above and below the water. This cradelling and movement creates a tremendous feeling of trust and relaxation. The first 4 days focuses on above the water,the next 4 days on submerging. Participants have the option to do either above or below the water only,or the full 8 day combination.

Learn specifically...


  • The Balance Point
  • Cradling and comforting
  • Working with breath
  • Rotated and lateral stretching
  • Joint release and freeing tightness or stiffness in muscles and tendons
  • Using props, e.g. noodles, floaters, weights and nose clips, to maximize the effect of the session


  • How to seamlessly submerge your partner
  • How to create submerged movement eg..stretches,flexes and rotations.
  • How to "dance" your partner under water in a way that creates a sense of letting go and a wonderful feeling of freedom
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