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Seed Ayurveda Massage Center

We offer training courses and workshops for Ayurvedic Massage and Aquatic Body Work, as well as individual Ayurvedic treatments and aquatic therapy (also known as Wassage) in our healing spa in Goa, India.

Meet the pioneers

Sw. Anand Subuddha

Subuddha has been trained in Rebalancing, Thai massage and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage . And has been working with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage since 1992 and aquatic bodywork {Watsu and Wassage}since 2003. He has been giving sessions and leading trainings in the Osho International resort in Pune, Goa, Europe and Israel.

Ma. Antar Sangeeta

Sangeeta has been trained in Alexander technique in 1994. She has been working with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage since 1998 and water therapy, {Watsu and Wassage} since 2003. Sangeeta has been giving sessions at the Osho international resort in Pune from 1998 to 2000. She has been leading trainings and giving sessions in Europe, Israel and Goa